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Certified programme by International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Become a Certified Professional Coach

Register for our online session (programme will be conducted either in English/Malay/dual language)

15-16 February 2023, 1-2 March 2023, 15-16 March 2023

70 training hours (synchronous & asynchronous)

There are a vast of method to achieve performance and development in organisations, this training will use coaching method to achieve this purpose. Coaching has been proven to be one of the effective methods and tools to promote organisational personal excellence. This training will introduce the principles of coaching in line with International Coach Federation practices.

Who will benefit from this programme?

All executives and managers whose role is managing workplace relationships and responsible for employees’ improvement and development.

Program Objectives

  • At the end of this programme participants will be able to:
  • develop a coaching style which meets individual and business needs
  • determine barriers to learning and how to overcome them
  • give effective feedback in a way that encourages positive change
  • promote organizational improvement and development using effective coaching methods

Programme Modules

Defining coaching

  • What is coaching?
  • Differences between coaching and other development approaches

Role of a coach

  • The role, skills and attributes of an effective coach
  • Key principles of coaching
  • Coaching as a motivational tool
  • Identifying coaching opportunities
  • Small group practical activity, pairs exercise and group discussion

Coaching Models

  • Grow

Core competencies

  • Demonstrates Ethical Practice
  • Embodies a Coaching Mindse
  • Establishes and Maintains Agreements
  • Cultivates Trust and Safety
  • Maintains Presence
  • Listens Actively
  • Evokes Awareness
  • Facilitates Client Growth
  • Coaching Tools & Techniques       
  • Practical Sessions
  • Supervised Sessions
  • Assessment

Your Programme Instructor

Masni Mustafa, PCC

Registration Form