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Program overview

Team coaching is currently one of the most rapidly growing markets in the business world although not popular in Malaysia.  Organizations that have already tested the effectiveness of individual coaching are introducing this philosophy at all levels, for which highly specialized coaches are needed to create more cohesive, productive, and efficient team members.

When teams work better the businesses work better as well, regardless whether they are physical or virtual teams. The excellent results come from a combination of care, goal centred and motivation to achieve as a single entity must be garnered and team coaches are able to help just that.

Program objectives

  • Able to understand how teams are functioning
  • Understand the concept of team coaching
  • Understand the importance of team coaching
  • Lead and coach team effectively

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to be a team coach or managers who want to coach their team members

Programme Module

  • Coaching skills/Techniques/Process
  • The different approaches
  • Why team coaching
  • What is a team?
  • Characteristics of high performance team?
  • Obstacles to high performance
  • Complexities in team coaching
  • Toxic teams
  • Understanding teams
  • Introduction to GASCI Model
  • Conditions of team’s success
  • Keys to inspiring a team
  • Difference between team coaching and group coaching
  • Team coaching conditions
  • Effective team behaviour
  • Negative team behaviour
  • High performance team
  • Team curve performance
  • Guttman’s team development wheel
  • Code of ethics